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Laser Hair Removal: The Minimally Invasive Procedure for Men and Women

Laser hair removal is among the most common minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures done in many territories. Many celebrities, socialites and prominent figures have undergone this procedure in reputable laser clinics. At present, hair removal by means of laser is becoming more accessible to a many people, including ordinary ones who care about how they look for others.

Similar to Botox, laser hair removal is a minimally invasive procedure that more people are confident about. The absence of incisions makes these procedures among the most frequently used means of improving people’s appearance. Unlike the major cosmetic and plastic surgeries such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and liposuction, injection of Botox and laser hair removal are significantly less painful, requires no incisions or cuts, and simplest.

Laser hair removal is the process of eliminating follicles growing on unwanted parts of the body by means of laser beams. Compared to shaving, plucking, and waxing, laser removal of hair gives optimum results for a longer time. After a series of sessions to beam out the follicles, hair is eliminated without irritating the skin by means of cuts and plucking, which gives the affected area a chicken skin-like texture.

Hair removal is highly in demand in many areas in the world. Although the procedure is believed to focus on women, men also have their need to eliminate excessive hair or unwanted follicles on particular parts of their body. Laser hair removal is among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men and the most common parts that are beamed are the back, chest, and face. For women, armpits, legs, and intimate parts are the most common areas that need hair removal.

Many people who have experienced undergoing laser hair removal have testified its effectiveness. This is because the procedure goes deep within the follicles without cutting one’s skin. Also, a patient who has completed a hair removal session need not worry about frequent elimination of follicles; laser allows hair to re-grow at a much slower pace as compared to all other removal procedures. Moreover, laser hair removal is efficient in terms of time and cost since it only requires a patient to attend a series of sessions (usually six to ten) to achieve a hair-free, smooth skin for as much as a year. Compared to the cost of shaving creams, razors, waxing paraphernalia, moisturizers, and such, the money spent on laser hair removal goes a long way.

The risks brought about by laser hair removal are nothing compared to other methods. Skin irritation, cuts, burn, and other injuries are far from possible with this laser procedure since it mainly acts on the follicles by means of laser beams. Although slight sensation can be felt during the procedure, it is nothing compared to the pains and inconveniences of shaving at least twice a week, enduring the hot wax to be pulled off with the hair from the body, and painstakingly plucking each hair strand.

Every skin laser clinic that offers hair removal has an in house specialist that performs the procedure flawlessly and successfully. Although laser removal of hair may appear to be simple, the ability to operate the machinery takes experience and proper training. In fact, famous laser clinics only employ experts in laser hair removal.