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Tips for Choosing the Right Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Hair removal treatments have increased in popularity, as both men and women find traditional hair removal procedures to be time consuming. If you’re fed up with waxing, shaving, plucking, or threading, then consider going to a laser hair removal professional. But before you do, research your options so you are confident that you’ve chosen the best clinic that suits your needs.

Here are some tips to help you in your selection:

  1. If there are several options in your location, ask your family, friends or colleagues to find out if they have any recommendations. Let their personal experience guide you. If you cannot get any personal references, search online. Be wary of fake testimonials, but take into account the general tone of the reviews. You certainly don’t want to go somewhere with a bad track record.
  2. Make sure that the clinic is licensed. They must have the necessary permits and insurances as mandated by law. Do an actual visit to the clinic and have a feel for the place. The staff must make you feel at ease. If you’re not confident with the professional or hesitant about the clinic itself, then don’t proceed. You are not obliged to push through with any treatment, and they shouldn’t make you feel that way.
  3. Make sure that the staff are qualified to perform laser hair removal procedures. Do not hesitate to ask to see paperwork as evidence, but typically, these licenses are posted on the walls of the clinic’s reception area. The last thing you want is to be worked on by someone who’s no more licensed than you.
  4. Find out how often the aestheticians are trained to do the procedure. It is important that they are kept up to date with the recent innovations and techniques. Ask if they have undergone the treatment themselves. Get the name and model number of the machine they will use on you, so you can research about it online. If they tell you that the information is confidential, then explain to them that you want to do your own research about the machine.
  5. Find out how long they have been in the business. Further, ask your aesthetician how much experience he or she has with laser hair removal. Though someone eventually has to be the first, you wouldn’t want to be the guinea pig.
  6. Give as much medical history as you can. Anticipate that you will be asked several questions, but don’t be afraid to provide the information. This is standard procedure and would let them know your background can affect your treatment.
  7. Be ready with your own questions. Treat this as a medical check-up, so come prepared. No question is too simple. This would ensure that the clinic has enough knowledge and experience with regard to medical issues, sensitivities or complications.
  8. Request a skin test, if they do not offer. Each body reacts differently, and you do not want to start with the procedure without first testing the treatment on a small patch of skin. This would give you a better idea of how your skin will react to the procedure.
  9. The professional must walk you through the procedure. If you are unsure about any stage of the process, speak up and ask for a clarification. You do not want to be subjected to a treatment where you constantly worry about what will be done.

Once you have all the information, compare the clinics side by side to see which one stands out or meets your requirements. Pricing is not necessarily an indicator of the quality of treatment and service, so don’t focus on that. The cost effectiveness of the procedure becomes worth it in the long run.