Hair Care Advice For Frequent Swimmers | Jim Bahn

Although swimming laps in the pool is a great workout, it unfortunately doesn’t have such positive effects when it comes to hair. Swimmers often find that chlorine has a damaging effect on their hair in that it dries their hair out, resulting in those lush locks becoming a frizzy mess. Pool chemicals can also discolour hair, leaving swimmers with an unwanted green glow instead of beautiful, blonde streaks. Here are a few tips for frequent swimmers to prevent damage to hair.

Wear a Swimming Cap
Swimming caps aren’t necessarily flattering, but they will help keep hair looking gorgeous when you’re out of the water. Cheap to buy, swimming caps will cover your hair, preventing it from getting damaged by chlorine and other chemicals. Frequent swimmers should keep a couple of swimming caps on hand at all times, in case one of them breaks, so that if you decide to hit the water, you won’t have to worry about their hair.

Wet Hair Before Swimming
Believe it or not, those “wet hair before swimming” signs are actually there for your benefit. Wetting your hair before jumping in the pool will reduce the amount of chlorine your hair soaks in. A simple but successful tip, a two-second rinse is a great step to take in keeping hair looking healthy.

Shampoo After Swimming
Frequent swimmers should be sure to rinse and shampoo hair after swimming in order to rinse out the pool chemicals. Rinsing off will stop chemicals from drying out hair and prevent that gorgeous glow from fading out. With most pools containing showers and changing rooms, having a shower after swimming won’t be a problem. Even those in a rush should still try to fit in time to give their hair a quick wash to help it stay looking healthy.

Apply Leave-in Conditioner Daily
It’s important for frequent swimmers to use leave-in conditioner after each session if they want to maintain those glossy locks. After washing hair, simply spray in conditioner and comb through. With a variation of leave-in conditioners especially made for swimmers, you can pick the best one suited for your hair type. An easy way to keep those lovely locks in shape. 

Deep Condition Weekly
Using a deep conditioner once a week will allow hair to regain moisture that chlorine and other chemicals may have taken out. Frequent swimmers should keep the occasional evening free in order to spend some quality time looking after their hair.

Trim Hair Regularly
Trimming hair regularly is especially crucial for frequent swimmers as the rough effect of chemicals on hair will result in more split ends. Making sure to cut off split ends will help smooth out hair, giving it back its silky, fine texture. Take a little time out to get a professional cut to help ensure that your hair looks its best at all times, giving you as much confidence out of the pool as you have in it.

There are many ways to keep your hair healthy and beautiful without having to curb the benefits of swimming. With these easy tips, swimmers need only to worry about perfecting their strokes.

Maria Hubbard writes for, who has a range of hair care products that are ideal for swimmers.