7 Foods For Great Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and its condition is a huge factor in one’s overall wellbeing especially when it comes to beauty and wellness. Many beauty products have been developed over the years, often with promises of better and younger-looking skin. Although some of these products deliver on their promises as […]

Sunscreens Potentially Limit Rosacea Symptoms

For many years, dermatologists have advised rosacea patients to avoid, or at least limit, their exposure to ultraviolet light. This recommendation is borne out by the fact that surveys of rosacea patients have repeatedly demonstrated that sun exposure triggers symptoms in 75-80% of sufferers. Avoidance of factors which trigger rosacea symptoms such as persistent redness […]

Hair Care Advice For Frequent Swimmers

Although swimming laps in the pool is a great workout, it unfortunately doesn’t have such positive effects when it comes to hair. Swimmers often find that chlorine has a damaging effect on their hair in that it dries their hair out, resulting in those lush locks becoming a frizzy mess. Pool chemicals can also discolour […]

Fearless Hairstyles for the New Year

Short Hairstyles Could 2013 be the year you dare to go short? As the evenings get lighter and the warm weather starts to make a come-back, a shorter, fresher look starts to become more appealing. For your most fearless new look in the New Year, go for short layers for plenty of volume. The pixie […]

Perfect Smiles

With everything our teeth go through it’s no surprise that our smiles can look less than perfect and a little help is needed to restore them back to their prime. Along the way, we often need fillings or we lose, break or chip teeth and the only way to get them back to looking like […]